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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling




Live & Virtual Events

We believe creating communities amplifies actions. We have helped build the global community for Fortune Most Powerful Women International and have years of experience bringing together world leaders in business, politics, policy, academia and philanthropy on global stages to talk honestly about issues, exchange ideas and create solutions.

We specialise in designing, programming and hosting live and virtual communities. At the core of the people we spotlight are always the most impactful women across the globe.

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Leadership Communication

We help leaders think outside the box about the challenges they face. We create an honest and frank thought leadership environment to explore solutions which can be translated into clear messaging for both internal and external stakeholders. 


From growth, climate change, to purpose and crisis management, we work closely with clients to shape, create and amplify the message at the core of their strategy.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory

We believe diversity and inclusion is more than just policy. We give leaders perspective, inform, identify gaps, assist in creating internal communities of allies and amplify their goals.


We aim to help leaders in every sector create strategic cultural change in their organisation, to enable sustainability and impact in the future by being truly diverse and inclusive.

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Factual Content

From concept to execution, we design, create and produce content, with a specialisation in video that entertains, but is always powerful, informative and impactful.


We focus on story telling that connects policy, business, economics and society. Examples of our work are the design, creation and production of seasons 1 to 5 of Euronews' flagship economic show, Real Economy. We have also conceptualised,  and created the network's award-winning Middle East flagship show, Inspire Middle East.




At Work

Our Founder

Maithreyi Seetharaman
Meet Maithreyi Seetharaman

Psst.. in case you were wondering, her name is pronounced My-3


An entrepreneur, communicator, journalist and interviewer, Maithreyi  founded Facultas Media in 2013 with the belief that honest storytelling has the power to connect people with different perspectives, help them understand a complex world, and build trust.


Her own journey has made her a passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion and the empowerment of women. Her life's mission is to help women across the world achieve or amplify their leadership roles. 


Maithreyi’s almost twenty-year journalism journey has seen her cover the world’s biggest economic stories, as a television anchor and journalist in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Specialising in political-economics, she has interviewed CEOs, heads of state, policymakers and regulators for the most recognisable names in international news like, Fortune, Euronews, CNBC Europe, Bloomberg, CNBC TV-18 and The Financial Express. Maithreyi cut her teeth in journalism as an intern at Channel 9 News and The Courier Mail in Australia just prior to, and in the aftermath of 9/11.

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We are here to help amplify your message and your voice. 

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